List of the Most Scenic Roads of South America

This is a list of the most scenic roads of South America, part of the top-100 list of most scenic roads in the world.



Ruta 40, Argentina

The 3,246-mile Ruta offers an epic journey in Argentina. The road, which is the longest in the country, starts in the south at Cabo Virgenes to the north where it ends at La Quiaca. The route traverses 11 provinces and takes you through 20 national parks and several rivers. Popular sites include the volcanic mountain Volcan Maipo, the iconic Patagonia mountains, and the Nevado de Cachi mountains with their snow-capped peaks.

Ruta 40, Argentina one of the scenic roads of south america, part of the top-100 list of the most scenic roads in the world


North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Bolivia’s Death Road is notorious for being one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Hugging the mountains in La Paz, this dirt road is at an elevation of 10,433ft. At 23 miles long, the North Yungas Road snakes around the mountains and then drops you in the valley town of Cocoiro. Driving on this road is treacherous, and drivers on both sides have to keep to their left as a matter of safety. Watch out for bikes and keep your eyes peeled on this dangerous route, and you will be fine.


Chilean Highlands

The Chilean Highlands offer awe-inspiring landscapes, flora and fauna, and a painstakingly preserved ancient civilization that will blow your mind. From the popular National Park Lauca, Salt Lake Huasco, the National Reserve of the Vicunas, to the breathtaking archaeological museum of Azapa, the Chilean Highlands take you through a country of many contrasts that is beautiful and surreal.

Before heading down to San Pedro de Atacama, be sure to pass by the huge stratovolcano of Ollagüe on the Chile-Bolivia border.

SC-438 (Serra do Rio do Rastro Road), Brazil

The 23-km SC-438 is a hairpin road that curves around the Serra do Rio do Rastro at an altitude of 1400m. This enchanting road curves tightly around the rocks of the highland plateau, with an Atlantic rainforest rearing its head towards the sky in all directions from the gorges below. You can see as far as the coast during good weather on a sighting point at the top, and you can get some snacks at the nearby hotel. It’s a wonderful view from the top, but remember to tread carefully!


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