Le Rabassier: One of the finest restaurants in Brussels

Le Rabassier is a boutique fine-dining restaurant in Brussels with just a handful of tables. This extraordinary restaurant is run by a husband and wife team (Christophe Durieux and Eve Renaud) who have a passion for truffles, and, for providing suburb dinning experiences. As a matter of fact, one of the review websites we looked at showed Le Rabassier had a perfect 5 star score with over 700 reviews. This is an unheard of accomplishment. I have dined at top-tier restaurants all over the world and have never seen a perfect rating before. After my own experience, I can concur that the culinary experience at Le Rabassier does indeed live up to its reputation.

During my visit was had a prix-fixe meal, I’m not sure if it’s always this way, or just for special occasions. Regardless,  prix-fixe at Le Rabassier takes you on a gastronomic journey to places you may never have been before.

Prix-Fixe Menu at Le Rabassier

Our evening started with a mix of amuse bouche that included foie gras, cheese and truffles, and several other items I cannot attempt to describe, but were all impeccably prepared and presented. Speaking of presentation, each dish was displayed on on a differently designed piece of  Pieter Stockman’s handmade porcelain dishes, which accented the food beautifully.

First Course (Appetizer)

Sea Scallop at Le Rabassier in Brussels

Our first course, or appetizer dish, was a gently prepared Scallop sliced paper-thin and fanned out around the dish with a generous helping of Beluga caviar. This dish was paired beautifully with a glass of Sancerre, which is from the French wine appellation region in the eastern part of Loire Valley, France. Each divine bite dissolved effortlessly.

The next course was something neither of us in my party had every tried…Sea urchin with black truffle.  The deep purple-colored shell of the urchin was used as the serving utensil. An upside down presentation utilized the cavity of the urchin, which was filled with its own meat in a cream and cheese base.  This dish was paired with a French Chablis, which balanced the richness of the dish perfectly.

Sea Urchin at Le Rabassier in Brussels

Main Course

lobster with Bearnaise sauce

For the main dish we enjoyed a Lobster crunch with Bearnaise sauce, a perfect balance of  yin and yang. This was followed by wild deer with a pear and Grand Veneau sauce. Oh my gosh it was delicious. Each course was like a crescendo leading up to the boldest part of the meal.


dessert at Le Rabassier in Brussels Belgium

The denouement of the evening was a series of desserts: Brie from Meaux with black truffles (of course). A pallet cleanse of sorbet, and finally, some divers sweets.

It was an exceptional evening from start to finish. If you plan on being in Brussels and appreciate fine-dining, I highly recommend making a reservation at Le Rabassier, just make sure you do it a couple weeks in advance to ensure a table.

If you have any questions about visiting Le Rabassier, please leave a comment below.  Or, visit: LeRabassier.be – Info@lerabassier.be – Phone: +32497/75.69.05


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