Forest Bathing in The Redwoods

After spending several days in Humboldt County in Northern California, forest bathing among the giant Redwoods, I was inspired to pen a few words about the experience and produce a complementary video. I hope you enjoy this wistful break from your day. 😉

The Redwood groves of Northern California whisper in the wind, speaking of history known only to them.

The unmatched natural beauty is complimented by a rural retreat. Between the trees it is cool and dark. The air is pungent with the scent of damp earth and tree bark.

There are no chirping birds or buzzing bugs, and no hint of wind rustling leaves. It’s always dawn or dusk in the Redwoods, no mater the time.

A ribbon of state and local parks with groves as impressive as those in the national park. An Avenue named for the Giants is a 30-mile drive through the largest intact, old-growth redwood forest laying claim to the tallest tree in the world at a smidge under 380’.

Forest bathing in the redwoods of northern California. Photo by Mike Shubic of

By the millions, we abandon our cities and homes to bath in the forest, wandering past monolithic trunks and gaze skyward at the canopy above. A forest so still, one dreads to wake the dreaming air.

The Redwoods stand dutiful and mysterious. The forest floor littered only by twigs and dry needles. The groves—like all redwood groves—inform and support one another by sending nuro messages and nutrients through a root systems latticed below ground. The arbor among can flourish not for centuries, but millennia.

Enormous solitude of silent space, but for a low thunderous sound too far to see, felt though through the hollow grounds that lead to the sea.

Lightning may strike, but has no might. Their trunks full of water and sap shield them from such fright.

While age provides resilience, the redwoods are no match for man who clear cut the majesty to but a stump.

Advocates fought. Some prevailed. Protecting these gentle giants is but a gift to generations and beyond. We owe thanks in part to a Muir man (John Muir – Father of of the National Parks).

Within the massive portals of wood, shadows cast darkness while amber light sprays hope.

Let the fallen rest to eternity, while the tall stay strong to support us all. Blessing to mother earth for all she provides.

Redwoods of Humboldt County in Northern California

The columned trees sway and creak as mighty masts when trade-winds blow. The puffy clouds of sails are set; the earth-ship swings along the sea of space to grander things.

The Redwood Groves will outlast us all, but we all should bath in the forest of Giants at least once before we fall.

This is my poetic attempt to convey the awe-inspiring wonder of the Redwoods. I hope you enjoyed. If you plan on staying in Humboldt County, to bear witness to these gentle giants, I recommend staying at the Bebow Inn and schedule a Forest Bathing Tour with Justin Legge, perhaps he will provide you with as much inspiration as he did me to write and produce this video.

Forest Bathing in the Redwoods with Justin Legge

That’s it from the Redwoods of Northern California. Until next time, we’ll see ya on the road…

Mike Shubic

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