CN Tower provides view to behold

This past summer, I found myself in Toronto, Ontario for a travel blogger conference. It was actually my first time to both the city of Toronto, as well as the province of Ontario. The most iconic landmark of the city, and certainly one of the most recognizable in the world, has to be the CN Tower. The reason the CN Tower is such a marvel, is not just its design, but its height. Up until 2010, it was the tallest structure in the world, and, it held that title for 34 years. The tip of the tower soars to 1815′, however the observation deck is at just 1136′ (equivalent to a 114 story building)…still a long way up if you ask me. On a nice day, like I had, you can see for miles. The 360 degree views are just stunning.

I often shy away from touristy attractions, but the CN Tower is just one of those “must do” activities when visiting Toronto. In addition to the observation tower, there are a host of other activities to check out. From the relaxing 360 Restaurant that completes a rotation ever 72 minutes, to the extreme Edgewalk. The Edgewalk allows participants to walk outside, onto a ledge, and just hang out. Of course you’re tethered, but what an adrenaline rush that must be. There’s also Legends of Flight, which propels audiences on a 3D journey across a century of aviation history. Finally, there’s Himalamazon, a motion theater ride…complete with dazzling special effects.

If you’ve ever been to the CN Tower, please leave a comment below and let my readers and me know what you like best.

CN Tower Information:

Website: CNTowner.Ca
Address: 301 Front Street West Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T6 Canada
Phone: (416) 868-6937

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