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Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the entertainment capital of the world and often finds its way into the itinerary of U.S. road trippers who are looking for a a great time. Whether for the thrills of the tables, or the open roads, a Vegas road trip has a lot to offer! You can take a stroll down one of the most famous strips on the planet, walk through the grandest entrances to the biggest casinos like the MGM and party until the sun comes up. Or, hit the road to experience some road trip nirvana at any number of nearby destinations. One of the main advantages of traveling to Vegas by car is that you never really have to stay in one place for too long. The roads are the only limit.

Las Vegas actually makes for an awesome road trip home base. The city is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and unique destinations that you can drive to in just a few hours, in addition to being an excellent stop off for longer breaks.

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Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is perhaps the most obvious choice for a day trip. But don’t be put off by the tourist traffic. The views are once in a lifetime, and having your own vehicle means that you can at least avoid taking the journey in a crowded tour bus.

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The South and East Rims are open year-round, while the more remote North Rim, is only open seasonally during the summer months. To get to the South or East Rims, you can take the US-93 and then l-40 for a total time of around 4 hours and 39 minutes. Personally, I think the best views of the Grand Canyon are from the East Rim Watchtower. A round trip back to Vegas would take all day, and if you throw in some time for gazing across the canyons, it will be a struggle to get back before nightfall. Consider an overnight on your way back to the city, as it makes for a more comfortable trip.

Boulder City and Hoover Dam

If you want to take a bit of time off from driving, shorter day trips offer less time on the rod, and more time to rest. Vegas to Boulder City takes around 40 minutes. This is the closest town to the legendary Boulder Dam, an engineering feat that is well worth the visit. For the extreme among you, you can also go zip-lining in Bootleg Canyon. Gaming is prohibited in Boulder, so if you need to grab a fix on the way, you can stop at the Hoover Dam Lodge on the US-93.

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Valley of Fire is my favorite Vegas Road Trip

For the nature lover, I highly recommended a Vegas road trip to the Valley of Fire State Park, aptly named because the ancient sandstone formations often look like they are literally on fire. The red rocky landscape feels a bit like standing in Mars, which is probably the reason why scenes from Total Recall were shot there. You’ll want to keep your eye out for drawings in the stone, which are known as petroglyphs. For the scenic route from Vegas, take the 147 and then 167 through Lake Mead National Park.

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Death Valley National Park

A visit to Nevada wouldn’t be complete without a road trip through Death Valley National Park. This awesome place is the hottest, driest, and lowest place in North America, which doesn’t sound too appealing, but it truly is a stunning place for those hardy enough to hack it. The three-million-acre park is home to gold mines, ghost towns, jagged salt formations, volcanic craters, and dried up lakes.

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You can reach Death Valley from Las Vegas by taking the US-95 and then the CA-190 into the park. From there, you can get information from the visitor’s center and plan your route. There’s so much to see, that it’s almost definitely worth camping overnight at Furnace Creek to give yourself enough time to soak it up. If you want to extend your trip even further, you can carry on through Death Valley to Yosemite!

For those who are road tripping across the U.S., Los Angeles makes a worthy next stop after Las Vegas. Just take the beautiful Highway 15 for around 4 and a half hours. If you have any Vegas Road Trip destination suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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