GoPro Karma predictions, one of them will be BIG!

GoPro Karma is one of the most highly anticipated camera/drones hitting the market. The announcement is confirmed for September 19th, 2016 and quadcopter/drone/GoPro enthusiast like me are on the edge of our seats. GoPro has been in a lull for a very long time, and quite frankly, has been left flat footed. The last GoPro Hero was released over two years ago, and last year’s Session, was an utter flop.  In the world of six-month electronic evolution cycles, two years since GoPro’s last successful product launch seems a lifetime ago. Especially to us loyal fans.

GoPro has been left in the dust as products come to market using their signature Hero camera. The drone market was the first. Before drone manufactures began developing their own camera systems, many were equipped with a GoPro mounting bracket. The next camera innovation to leave GoPro blinded by the dust was the advent of the handheld gimbal. A slew of manufacturers have produced stabilizing gimbals that utilized the GoPro Hero.

Years have gone by and finally GoPro will announce it’s newest product, the GoPro Karma.  A quad-copter? No one knows for sure, but a drone of some sort will be released in just days to an awaiting market. While quadcopter maker DJI leads the world with its best selling Phantom series, in my opinion the camera is not on par with the GoPro. There is more functionality built into the DJI Phantom 4 camera than a GoPro, but the overall quality is not quite as good. The point is, there is a huge opportunity for GoPro to make a splash in an exploding market. That is, if they get it right.

gopro karma predictions by

GoPro Karma predictions, the first one is three rolled into one!

Here is my biggest prediction for the GoPro Karma…it will include the new Hero 5 and integrated stabilizing gimbal that can be removed and used hand-held. Two pieces of equipment (three if you include the camera) built into one unit. If GoPro can pull this off, it will be a game-changer for their stock and will quiet critics on a possible high price point.

I think this GoPro teaser video below supports my prognostication.

My next prediction is a massive stock rebound. GoPro’s all-time high stock price is $87 and it’s been trading around $12 all year with a significant jump in the past few days to near $15. I am placing my own money on the fact that by the end of the year GoPro’s stock will be trading north of $30.

My last prediction is the ability to record audio from the ground, via the remote control, directly to the camera files. This could be quite interesting as all audio in the past has been unusable or unavailable due to the loud noise of the camera being in-flight.

What are your thoughts? Do you think any of these things will come true? What aspects of the GoPro Karma are you most excited about?

Mike Shubic

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  1. Excited to find out! Think they will really fix the audio though? Not sure about that unless they set up a nice bluetooth mic system. Will it be out by November? Can we play with your new toy in Cancun? 😉

    1. Well, the big prediction came true. We’ll have to wait and see about the audio. That part regarding the controller didn’t happen of course. Ha, I don’t think I’ll have one in time for Cancun, but I’ll probably bring my DJI Phantom 4. 😉

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