First kiss do-over

It has been a year now since I met Terri, the love of my life. On one of our initial dates I took her to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens, where we also had our first kiss. The kiss unfortunately didn’t go according to plan, however it does make a fairly entertaining story as you will read.

We arrived at the gardens during the late afternoon hours to view the exhibit. We then went to dinner and returned after dark to see the exhibit illuminated at night, which was extraordinary.  As we made our way through the gardens, an overwhelming urge to kiss Terri washed over me. I keep looking for the perfect place for our first kiss. Then, I thought I had found it.

There was a bridge in which we stopped to gaze at a display in front of us. There was only a single couple nearby…no one else around. Terri and I had caught a couple of glances at one another, so I knew I was clear to go in for the kiss. I had waited until the couple turned to leave before going in. Our lips met and it was going to be a fantastic moment! That was, until the couple turned back in our direction and the ol’ lady blurted out, “Henry, I can’t find my camera!” She stopped and stood right behind us and was digging through her purse as we are trying to continue our intimate moment. The perfect first kiss was not just destroyed, it had been obliterated. The couple just stood there. They would not leave! I grabbed Terri’s hand and we continued through the exhibit. Thankfully, Terri had broken the silence by saying something like, “What the heck was that all about? Where those people just oblivious???” I belted out a laugh with a sense of relief at Terri’s wonderful understanding and sense of humor.

A year later for our anniversary we returned to the scene of the incident and reenacted our first kiss. This is where you go…awe… 🙂

Terri & Mike at Desert Botanical Garden


Mike Shubic

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